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Add SFS File to Bootup

Install SFS File

Go to Menu > System > BootManager

Click button to right of Choose which extra SFS files to load at bootup. For BootManager to find SFS file(s) you must first place it in:


Select an SFS file from the left pane and click Add button, then click OK. The selected SFS file will be loaded at next boot.

Uninstall SFS File

In the right pane select an SFS file and then click Remove button. The file will not be loaded at next boot and any menu items or associated icons will be removed.

Note: The first time an SFS file is either added or removed, bootup will take significantly longer that usual.
Note: This How To is intended for use with a save file. It is not applicable to a full hard drive installation.

BootManager add SFS file dialog screenshot Click to enlarge.

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